We’re all about giving shout-outs to our superstars at Seattle Promotional Management and one of those people is Daniel. This month, we want to showcase Daniel’s achievements and share why he is one of the reasons our firm is on the rise.

First thing you need to know about Daniel is he is a consummate professional at heart. Since joining Seattle Promotional Management, he’s taken a serious interest in being the best. He’s competitive and a team player, which means when he sets out to win, he wants to bring everyone else on our crew along with him. Leave no one behind is sort of his motto.

Part of the reason Daniel is killing it at Seattle Promotional Management is his endless need to learn. He’s always seeking out new knowledge, whether it’s from our leaders or his teammates. Daniel consistently strives to do things the right way. However, when his human side shows, he’s happy to get feedback so that he gets it right the next time. He really takes pride in all that he does and we see the impact of that mind-set every day.

What drives Daniel is he knows that his work will eventually translate into something bigger. He’s on track to go further in his career with us and he’s doing all the right things to get there by understanding our business and processes.

In fact, we’re confident this is just the start for Daniel. Check out our Newswire for updates on him and our other superstars.