We’re always learning new things around the Seattle Promotional Management office. One of our favorite recent discoveries is “The Profit,” by Marcus Lemonis. Chris, our firm’s President, explained that this inspiring TV show centers on what companies need to focus on in order to bolster their all-around performance. It’s an inspiring and eye-opening series, to say the least.

During each episode of “The Profit,” Lemonis (who runs a multibillion-dollar company of his own in Camping World) finds a struggling company and offers cash for a piece of the business or percentage of its profits. From there, he does whatever he can to right the ship and return his investment in the process. Even if he has to fire the company’s president and do all the work himself, Lemonis finds a way to produce a winning outcome.

Lemonis is a proponent of the “Three P mantra,” which stresses the importance of people, product, and process. Chris noted that we put our team members in position to thrive through our leadership training program. We also have products in some of the biggest retailers in the world. When it comes to our processes, we’re committed to ongoing improvement. We’ve embraced Lemonis’ wisdom as we continue pushing past our Seattle Promotional Management growth goals.

We plan to keep up with “The Profit” and continue soaking up Marcus Lemonis’ insights. Follow Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram to receive updates on our developments.