Phase two of our hiring initiative has been completed, with Team Seattle Promotional Management ready to keep growing. Chris, our firm’s President, explained that we’ve gone from having four team members just four-and-a-half months ago to 18 today. By the end of April, we also had 12 leaders in our program. We’ve seen consistent, rapid growth and we don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon.

With the solid foundation we have in place now, we’re ready to add even more top-flight talent to our team. Chris elaborated that we’ve learned what we really need in candidates, which includes positive attitudes and growth mind-sets. We’ve streamlined our training process to ensure full knowledge transfer with help from in-office coaches.

Our ongoing growth has been aided by our commitment to setting ambitious goals. Each new hire quickly learns to set the bar a bit higher with every achievement. As we establish progressively higher benchmarks, we increase our chances of staying ahead in a competitive industry.

Those who come aboard Seattle Promotional Management also learn that merit-based advancement is a key trait of our work culture. We reward those who bring ambition and a knack for setting clear goals to the table.

We’re ready to keep pushing forward with an infusion of fresh talent. For updates on our hiring efforts and ongoing growth, check out the Seattle Promotional Management Newswire.