We know the power of leadership, because we see the impact that Chris Thomas, the Owner of Seattle Promotional Management, has on us every day. His vision and passion for success drives our entire team, motivating everyone to achieve even their most audacious goals.

What’s also great about Chris is that he’s transparent. He knows how to clearly share expectations, and then help us meet those conditions in the most effective and efficient ways possible. While he’s a great decision maker, he doesn’t just mandate action plans; he invites us to create goals as a team, and has made our office a place where everyone feels safe contributing ideas.

Chris’s communication skills pay off in other ways as well. Team Seattle Promotional Management enjoys real-time feedback from Chris and other managers, for example, letting us know when we need to course correct, or when we should be moving full steam ahead. Mentorship is integral to our success, and that starts with Chris as well. Not only is he a great coach, providing one-to-one support for anyone who needs it, but he models respect for the process by seeking out mentors for himself as well.

All this, plus an indomitable positive attitude, makes Chris a leader we’re all excited to follow. Come learn from Chris and the rest of the Seattle Promotional Management team; follow us on LinkedIn to learn about openings with our firm.