The Seattle Promotional Management mentorship program links new team members up with practiced pros right away, so we can nurture their talent and support them on the first steps of their career journeys. We do this because we know that excellent work produces excellent results, and one-to-one coaching is the best tool we have for ensuring everyone is prepared to thrive in a performance-based role.

Many companies are as concerned with tenure or office politics as they are with outcomes, but that’s not the case here. The Seattle Promotional Management approach allows us to sidestep these distractions and help people succeed based on the most important criteria: results.

One-to-one coaching is only one of the development tools we use. Travel plays an important role in helping our people thrive as well. Throughout the year, we attend leadership events, weekend retreats, and workshops. These keep us posted on the latest techniques being used in other markets and help us connect with other rising stars in our field. We always come back from these trips with new ideas for success and more industry connections. As an added bonus, we’re always a tighter team as well.

When we invite someone to join our team, we are prepared to invest in their success. Mentorship and travel are just two of the approaches we use to support career success. Learn more about our commitment to training and development by following Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram.