Networking has played a major role in Seattle Promotional Management’s growth. One of the most important guidelines we have learned for successful professional relationships is to focus on offering value. Making introductions is a powerful tool for becoming an influencer in your local network. You can amplify this effect by doing in-person introductions, such as over lunch meetings. Here’s why this technique is so effective:

  • Show Enthusiasm: In today’s world of digital communication, it is easy to send an email to connect two people. However, if you opt to do it in person, you can show how excited you are about the introduction. This can lead to a lot more impact.
  • Set Up Success: Similarly, meeting in person gives you the chance to set everyone up for success. At Seattle Promotional Management, we recognize that making introductions is only valuable if the new relationship benefits the two parties. By bringing everyone together over lunch, you can not only establish a reputation as a connector but also as one who gets things done.
  • Learn More: One of the keys to being a great networker is getting to know people. When you are present for the start of new connections you have made happen, you can learn a little more about your two contacts. In turn, this can help you make even more introductions happen in the future.

Make yourself invaluable in your network by introducing people over lunches. To learn more, like Seattle Promotional Management on Facebook.