A new year is the perfect time for setting new goals, and Team Seattle Promotional Management has some big targets for the next 12 months. We sat down and hashed out some ideas for ourselves, our team, and our company, and we can’t wait to crush them as a crew. Watch out 2020, here we come!

One of the common traits among all of us in the Seattle Promotional Management office is that we’re not interested in settling for the status quo. Excellence is our standard of choice, and to make that a reality we know we need to focus on growth.

Our training program is designed with growth in mind. There are chances to learn and grow that start from day one with our team, giving people time to start working toward their personal and professional potential right away.

We include executive skills as part of our curriculum such as public speaking, networking, and – most importantly – goal setting. We teach how to get specific with what we want to accomplish, to develop milestones to measure our achievement, and how to set appropriate deadlines. Using these techniques, we increase the odds of hitting our personal and career objectives exponentially.

We’re starting 2020 with a lot of momentum and the inspiration that comes from exciting goals. Learn more about what we plan to achieve by following Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram.