The winter holidays are one of our favorite times of the year, and we are still enjoying this festive season in the Seattle Promotional Management office. It helps that our colleagues are also some of our favorite people, and so spending time with our work family during this joyous season feels natural.

This type of camaraderie doesn’t happen by accident. We spend a great deal of time connecting with one another both in and out of the office. For example, our Seattle Promotional Management team nights take us to fun social events like bowling, laser tag, or sporting events. We get to blow off some steam while getting to know each other personally. Then, when we interact professionally back in the office, we have a foundation of friendship to build on.

Our travel program is also a powerful tool for building unity. During 2019, we travelled to other offices for cross-training, spent weekends at national seminars, and even flew to tropical resorts for rest and relaxation. These trips gave us a lot of great memories to build on, and time to bond while journeying to and fro with our peers.

To ensure that we end 2020 with the same sense of harmony, we’ll be putting an even greater emphasis on team nights and travel this year. Like Seattle Promotional Management on Facebook to see where we go first.