Getting some R&R in Cancun is about as good as it gets, which is why we’re so excited around the Seattle Promotional Management office. From October 13-16, we’ll be in this Mexican paradise to hang out with some of our industry’s top leaders and soak up the sun. Chris Thomas, our firm’s Owner, explained that this getaway is a reward for our hard work and an ideal way to recharge for the busy final months of 2019.

This trip will be an unmatched networking opportunity. It’s always fun to spend time with other successful people, but it’s even better when you can do so in a relaxed setting. There are few places as laid-back as Cancun, so we’re looking forward to discussing all kinds of topics with our high-achieving peers. We’re sure to come back to Seattle Promotional Management headquarters with a few fresh ideas to implement.

When it comes to forging stronger bonds with our teammates, it’s tough to beat an R&R trip. This is especially true when we head out to an exotic locale. As we enjoy the sunny beaches of Cancun, we’re likely to discover some shared interests and maybe even a few hidden talents. We can’t wait to head south of the border!

The Cancun R&R should create all kinds of lasting memories. For updates on all our team travel events, follow Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram.