We love putting our top performers in the spotlight, which is where Ted Philpot finds himself this month. Ted is a major asset for Seattle Promotional Management because he loves helping people learn and improve. His goal is to keep getting better as a trainer, and we’re excited to have him raising the bar for the rest of us day in and day out.

Ted isn’t the loudest member of Team Seattle Promotional Management, although he might be the humblest. You won’t hear him talk about how great a teacher he is, but we see the positive impacts around our workspace every day. He’s even our resident swing dance teacher, so you know our team outings are lively affairs. If you want proof, check out Ted tearing up the dance floor at Capital Hill.

His dedication to helping his teammates made Ted a logical choice to attend our recent Cancun retreat. Chris Thomas, our firm’s Owner, was happy to recognize Ted’s excellence as a trainer by having him spend time with all kinds of top leaders from our industry. It was an ideal chance for Ted and all our top performers to learn innovative insights and add helpful contacts at the same time.

We’re lucky to have Ted and his helpful nature in our office. For more on our standout team members, be sure to follow Seattle Promotional Management on LinkedIn.