REDMOND, WA – The President of Seattle Promotional Management recently discussed how this on-site marketing firm’s team has achieved significant success in this Northwest market. He focused on the various facets that have led to positive outcomes.
Chris, Seattle Promotional Management’s President, described the level of energy within this office, especially working in one of the country’s biggest markets. He noted that there are high expectations for team members who ultimately drive results.

According to Chris, recognition plays a critical role in keeping brand experts motivated to reach lofty objectives for the companies they represent. He noted that every team member has specific and shared goals toward which he or she works. These targets are often tied to sales attainment, customer service, knowledge transfer, and training others. When people achieve milestones, they are rewarded for their work and commitment. During particularly busy periods, the modes of appreciation inspire even more effort, such as chances to travel to out-of-state events and conferences.

Because Seattle Promotional Management’s reputation is stellar, there’s a great deal of emphasis on professional compliance. The firm’s values such as integrity, honesty, and excellence are central to each initiative. Chris noted that leaders instill in each team member that a job well done is a job done right. The brands whose products they promote depend on this mind-set, which is why Chris and other managers continue to reinforce it by modeling the behaviors themselves as well as by acknowledging good practices.

Clearly this model works effectively as Seattle Promotional Management has expanded tremendously over the last seven years, since their first branch opened in 2011. They continue to work with the world’s biggest retailer, which solidifies their track record for success even further. “While we’re new to Seattle, we are no spring chickens,” Chris said.

Seattle Promotional Management’s President on How Company Growth Leads to Opportunities

Chris noted that one of the significant factors that has led to rapid growth is Seattle Promotional Management’s policy of advancing from within. As he explained, knowledge transfer is a critical element of a high-functioning team. To maintain a consistent level of excellence, people are hired with the intent to build a career with the company. As they master different skills, they are promoted to new levels. In leadership roles, they in turn share their wisdom with incoming team members, which continues the cycle of top performers who move up the ladder.

And that practice, he added, is how Seattle Promotional Management has become the go-to resource for brands who want to make a splash in the marketplace.

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