REDMOND, WA – Chris, President of Seattle Promotional Management, announced that the firm is hiring. He also discussed the firm’s training program, and how it supports personal and organizational success.

When people join the Seattle Promotional Management team, Chris makes a commitment to help them achieve their personal and professional potentials. Chris’ loyalty to his team is one of the pillars of the company’s success.

This is an important point to mention, in Chris’ opinion, because thanks to increased demand for the firm’s interactive marketing services Seattle Promotional Management is hiring. They will be bringing a few key people on board, and want them to know the level of support they will receive from Chris and fellow colleagues.

“We’re not bosses here, we’re mentors,” shared Chris, and this statement sums up the way coaching and training are prioritized. Rather than tell people what to do, Seattle Promotional Management leaders guide associates as they travel along their chosen career paths at the pace they choose to succeed. According to Chris, it’s a point of pride in the office that trainers are more focused on big-picture thinking and end results. This emphasis on strategy and technique makes the firm a premier career destination.

Specific Coaching Approaches That Set Seattle Promotional Management Apart

Guiding team members is much more challenging than simply barking orders, but Chris is certain that the increased engagement and motivation that comes from working with people, not through them, is more than worth the effort. To ensure that coaching is effective though, Seattle Promotional Management trainers follow a few simple guidelines.

For example, mentors should always have the right attitude toward their mentees. Coaches should assume the best about their charges, believing that they are willing and able to tackle the challenges with which they are faced.

If there are issues with performance, the first thing Chris and his trainers do is look at four common elements that are most often the culprits: lack of time, training, tools, and temperament. Then, they look to remove these roadblocks through workshops, seminars, and (of course) coaching.

Perhaps the most important way that coaching takes place is through feedback though, so Team Seattle Promotional Management makes sure managers and team members get together for frequent review sessions. This kind of real-time dialogue is crucial for rapid achievement.

Chris is very excited about the Seattle Promotional Management training system and the positive outcomes enjoyed by team members and the firm. With the coaching and mentorship strategies they have in place, new associates are sure to experience success at every stage of their career journeys.

About Seattle Promotional Management:
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