What an incredible year it’s been for Team Seattle Promotional Management. As we close out the year with holiday celebrations, we’re also taking stock of just how much success we’ve created over the past 12 months. It’s inspiring for sure, setting us up for an even bigger 2020.

We’ve grown as a company and improved as individuals during 2019. Our top performers earned their way forward in their careers, including several who took on leadership roles. We’re excited to watch our outstanding brand experts make more big strides in the year to come. Constant improvement is the name of the game around the Seattle Promotional Management office, so we’re sure we’ll be highlighting plenty of promotions this time next year.

Chris Thomas, our firm’s Owner, explained that the many different backgrounds on our team add up to unique in-person campaigns. We don’t compare ourselves to others; we push ahead to be the best we can be. This is the attitude we plan to take into all our biggest 2020 goals. We’re going to blaze our own unique trail to long-term success.

One thing that was reaffirmed for us in 2019 is the power of clear targets. Being specific about what we want to achieve helps us focus our energies. We saw this in action again and again this past year, so we’ve already got some ultra-clear goals in mind for expansion and team growth in 2020.

We’re all excited to make the most of what the new year has to offer. Follow Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram to get updates on our team wins.