Career advancement is always worth celebrating, so we’re happy to highlight Kevinn, Seattle Promotional Management’s newest campaign manager! Chris, our firm’s President, stated that Kevinn is goal-oriented and accountable. The fact that he’s just as committed to helping others reach their goals as he is to achieving his own makes Kevinn an ideal choice for a campaign manager role.

Kevinn recently graduated from Arizona State University and has seamlessly become a valued member of Team Seattle Promotional Management. One of his short-term goals is to empower those around him to believe in themselves as much as he believes in them. Over the long haul, Kevinn wants to do his part to make the world a brighter, kinder, and more empathetic place.

Chris believes in highlighting our top performers for several key reasons. One of the most important is that showcasing excellence inspires everyone on our team to elevate their games. Knowing that we’ll be rewarded for hard work means we’re more engaged from day to day.

For those who are put in the spotlight, recognition has a way of boosting overall happiness on the job. In our experience, receiving praise for excellent performance makes us love our work even more. This in turn promotes greater productivity. These positive effects build on each other.

We’re excited to watch Kevinn as he advances his career. To stay up to date on all our top performers, be sure to follow Seattle Promotional Management on Instagram.