For our first big team giveback effort of 2020, we decided to help the homeless in our city. Team Seattle Promotional Management put together care packages filled with socks and other basic necessities. We gave these packages to a local homeless shelter to distribute. While this won’t fix the homelessness issue in Seattle, we hope our efforts will bring some hope and cheer to those in need.

Every time we come together for a good cause, we grow a little bit closer to our teammates. We’re energized by making a positive impact, and we bring that energy back to the office with us. We also get to see our colleagues in new settings, which often helps us see talents and traits we haven’t seen before. This means our collaboration on big projects feels fresher after a team giveback effort.

In all our Seattle Promotional Management charitable pursuits, we get the rewarding feeling that comes with making a difference in people’s lives. We also get to share in the positive impact we make in the community. Helping to create a safer and healthier Seattle is a good thing for all of us. We plan to keep finding ways to make a difference in our beautiful city however we can.

We look forward to a 2020 filled with team philanthropy. Follow Seattle Promotional Management on LinkedIn to stay up to date on our social impact efforts.