Travel plays a vital role in the Seattle Promotional Management experience, and we’re stoked to highlight our recent trip to Dallas, Texas. We had the chance to meet up with old friends while also connecting with other movers and shakers in our field.

Select leaders from across the nation were asked to share their expertise from the stage, giving us access to knowledge we might not have gotten any other way. There were also networking sessions where we shared best practices with superstars from other markets, and then exchanged contact info. The highlight was the awards ceremony, which gave high achievers the spotlight they deserved for hitting big career milestones. The amount of success we saw cross the stage was truly extraordinary.

While all of this – learning, networking, and being inspired – would make our Seattle Promotional Management travel program worthwhile, there’s another benefit to our trips. When we leave home for a weekend as a team, we get to connect with one another in ways we don’t always have time for during our busy workweeks. These enhanced work relationships, along with the shared memories we make, come back to the office with us, creating a culture of camaraderie that is tough to match.

We appreciate being able to travel to new cities with our colleagues and learn how to take our careers to the next level. Check out our Seattle Promotional Management Newswire feed to see where we’re heading next.