We continue to push past our growth goals, and this has led to promotions for Nathan, David, Ted, and Bailey. Members of Team Seattle Promotional Management thrive in an atmosphere that promotes advancement. Chris, our firm’s President, explained that these four outstanding performers took full advantage of the many growth opportunities we provide.

Along with all kinds of ongoing education options within the Seattle Promotional Management office, we also send our team members to other top offices for cross-training. These excursions help our people see the bigger picture in terms of what’s possible in our industry. They also open our team members’ eyes to different methods they can use to streamline their daily efforts.

We send our top performers to a variety of national conferences and other big events throughout the year too. During these trips, our team members get to add all kinds of experts and top leaders to their contact lists. Simply being around so many successful people is a confidence-booster all its own.

All our travel and training events are complemented by our focus on goal setting. Nathan, David, Ted, and Bailey are the latest examples of team members who have set well-defined targets and worked hard to reach them. We encourage our people to create clear visions of success as they aim for career advancement.

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