Seattle Promotional Management is home to many talented and passionate people who come from diverse backgrounds. At the same time, they share key traits that really make them standouts in a competitive industry.

We recently asked two of Seattle Promotional Management’s superstars what qualities they feel are necessary for someone to thrive in our industry. Syamber and Suesun, both campaign managers, shared their insights.

According to Syamber, “There are a few qualities that I think are necessary for this position. One is to be driven to reach goals. In addition, someone needs to be a team player to help others reach their goals as well and be there for the business.” She continued, “I think the most important trait someone needs is to have faith in themselves that they can do whatever they put their minds to.”

Suesun sees learning as an essential to success with Seattle Promotional Management. “To start it off, this career is heavy on training,” she noted, adding that she herself puts a premium on continual learning in order to excel. In addition, she also noted that, “being a people person is huge,” emphasizing the need to enjoy working with others.

Leadership in the ultimate goal for members of our firm. With this in mind, Suesun stated, “Balanced time management is key. There’s a lot of time and energy that are put into leadership. It’s also about genuinely organizing your day to make sure you and your teammates are set up for success.”

Finally, Suesun shared Syamber’s attitude when it comes to believing in yourself. “When you have a confident demeanor, others will respect and pay attention to what you’re saying,” she said, adding that empathy and authenticity need to accompany confidence.

These are just a few of the traits and experiences these associates and others on our team recommend to excel in this industry. Follow us on Instagram to learn more.