Team Seattle Promotional Management is excited to highlight our recent trip to Dallas, Texas, where we attended a quarterly networking conference. As an added bonus, our executive administrator, Lauren, spoke at the event. This was an honor for her, and a true achievement as well; the best in our industry were in attendance, and they wanted Lauren to share her knowledge with them.

Lizzie, Seattle Promotional Management’s HR and recruiting director, had some insights to share about the trip: “It’s important to have a chance to listen to and ask questions of those who have achieved the kind of success we want to have, and that’s what’s available in Dallas. We’re given chances to absorb knowledge that we can take back home and immediately apply in ways that work for us as individuals and for our office.”

One tip Lizzie found especially useful was to focus on making only one change at a time. Then, observe the results and see what other improvements can be made. Another practice was to represent herself and her business in the best possible way at all times, whether it be through communication, attire, or even actively listening to feedback or new ideas. “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason,” Lizzie is fond of saying. Another favorite quote of hers is, “An empty barrel makes the most noise.”

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