If there’s one thing that motivates Team Seattle Promotional Management, it’s a chance to help emerging firms find their footholds in crowded markets. “We fight for the little guy” best describes how we approach each campaign we launch, because we know the work we do is helping an up-and-coming business owner realize his or her dream.

Of course, Seattle Promotional Management understands the needs of small businesses because we are one, too. We might not be as big as some agencies, but we are mighty. And when we bring our collective talent together, we are a powerhouse in the sales and marketing world.

What really sets us apart, and why we excel for unknown brands, is we offer an on-site sales promotions model that enables our team members to interact with customers in meaningful ways. We know that indirect advertising, like social media or TV commercials, makes it harder to capture audiences’ attention when you’re competing against name brands. However, when we bring products to places where likely buyers can see and experience them firsthand, we rapidly raise visibility and achieve measurable results. In fact, our data and numbers back up the impact we create for these rising businesses. There’s nothing that really compares with what we achieve on behalf of the brands we represent.

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